Upcoming Austin Flea Dates for 2019

April 27th - Still Whiskey Event Space (440 E. St. Elmo) 12p-5p
April 28th - Fareground Market (111 Congress) 10a-3p
May 3rd - The Brewer's Table (4715 E. 5th St) 4p-8p
May 4th - Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden (121 Pickle Rd.) 11a-5p
May 5th - Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd.) 12p-5p
May 11th - Whole Foods Market Arbor Trails (4301 William Cannon) 10a-4p
May 12th - Mother's Day at the ABGB (1305 W. Oltorf) 12p-6p
May 18th - Fall Creek Vineyard (18059 FM 1826 - Driftwood) 11a-5p
May 19th - Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca Rd.) 10a-4p
May 25th - Austin Beerworks (3001 Industrial Terrace) 12p-5p
May 26th - Fareground Market (111 Congress) 10a-3p
May 26th - Vista Brewing (13551 RM 150 - Driftwood) 12p-5p
June 1st - Cosmic Coffee +Beer Garden (121 Pickle Rd) 11a-5p

April Dates, Vendors & Venues!

We look forward to seeing you at our many events this month!  
Always something for everyone at the Austin Flea!

Handmade.  Vintage.  Local.

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER - Saturday, April 6th at Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden (121 Pickle Rd.)
from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Arte Para la Vida, Lipstick Lille Vintage, 1937 Apothecary, Clementine Botanicals, OilSage by Adrienne Erreca, OH LITTLE FOXES, Illuminidol, Tapestry Beading, Kristen Van Patten, Jamie Spinello, angie-a-vintage, Humble Goods, BARKSwag, Whiskey Boat Goods, VerverWerks, Fed, Sam Wish, & Bee Delightful!

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER - Saturday, April 6th at Austin Beerworks 
(3001 Industrial Terrace) 
from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Ott Coffee, Muertos Design, Espacio Handmade, Luna Tigre Candles, MindBodyHenna, Wild House, 1937 Apothecary, Daisy Metalworks, Sweet Sparrow Studio & more!

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER - Sunday, April 7th at Jester King Brewery 
(13187 Fitzhugh Rd.)
from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Austin Boards and Blocks, the Nomadic Artgirl, Eya Claire, Clementine Botanicals, BabyCakes Studios, VerverWerks, 1937 Apothecary, Illuminidol, Daisy Metalworks, Prachi Bhise Jewelry & Vibe!

Saturday, April 14th at Whole Foods Market - Arbor Trails (4301 W. William Cannon)
from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Kristen Van Patten, Diablo Day Ranching, Illuminidol, Blissful Awakenings Co., Jamie Spinello, M.H. Pike's Vintage, VerverWerks, Sam Wish, Elevate Holistics & more!

Sunday, April 15th at the ABGB (1305 W. Oltorf) 
from 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Eya Claire, Luna Tigre Candles, remedy design shop, Fabulous Paws, Bee Delightful, OneFive Trading Co., Illuminidol, 1937 Apothecary, Whiskey Boat Goods, Abby Lou Pottery, McKinley Mizar, The Nomadic Artgirl, Blissful Awakenings Co, VerverWerks, Sam Wish, BabyCakes Studios, AGBB Ceramics, Gojema, Dirty Dog Soaps, Hold on to Your Plants, Ott Coffee, & Horsemen Reclaimed Customs!

Saturday, April 20th at Hops & Grain (507 Calles) Earth Day Party!  
from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Arte Para la Vida, Illuminidol, 1937 Apothecary, Dirty Dog Soaps, OH LITTLE FOXES, VerverWerks, Rebecca Frazier Jewelry, Sam Wish, Wild House, Espacio Handmade, willow tree works, Gojema, Muertos Design & more!

Sunday, April 21st at Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca Rd.)
from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Featured Artists:  Eya Claire, Luna Tigre Candles, White Deer Apothecary, GINGER & JUDY, Kristen Van Patten, Jamie Spinello, Fabulous Paws, Bee Delightful, Lipstick Lille Vintage, Vibe, Remedy Designs, Clementine Botanicals, Illuminidol, Little Bees Big Honey, 1937 Apothecary, McKinley Mizar fine art and jewelry, Elevate Holistics, Pickle My Fancy, VerverWerks, Sam Wish, fed & weird ohs!

Saturday, April 27th at Still Whiskey Co (440 E. St. Elmo)
Benefitting Central Texas Food Bank 
from 12 p.m. - 5 pm.

Featured Artists:  Luna Tigre Candles, Finch and Armor, VerverWerks, Roadside Rose Trading Co., Magic Meadow Skin Care, Bee Delightful, Whiskey Boat Goods, Sweetheart Pet Services, 1937 Apothecary, Elisa Wikey & more!

Sunday, April 28th at Fareground Market (111 Congress)
from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Feature Artists:  Bee Delightful, 1937 Apothecary, SXD Jewelry, Diablo Day Ranching, Dirty Dog Soaps, Mafe Designs, angie-a-vintage, M.H. Pike's Vintage, VerverWerks, Gojema, Hot Slice Studios, Best Buds CBD, Wilderness Sister & more!

March Flea Dates, Venues, and Vendors

Saturday, March 2nd- Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
from 12p-5p

Vendors Attending:
ArcSodiumDesigns, Arte Para la Vida, 1937 Apothecary, Kristen Van Patten, Jamie Spinello, GRZ 1985, ThriftFoot, Whiskey Boat Goods, World Lustre, OH LITTLE FOXES, BARKSwag, Little Bees Big Honey, VerverWerks, Wild House 

Sunday, March 3rd- Jester King Brewery
from 12p-5p

Vendors Attending:
Daisy Metalworks, 1937 Apothecary, The Nomadic Artgirl, Lea Smith Designs, Quiet Cricket Studio, Fabulous Paws, Clementine Botanicals, McKinley Mizar Fine Art and Jewelry, VerverWerks, Chris Long Ceramics, La Ropa Vintage, Status Kuo, Abby Lou Pottery, Pickle My Fancy, MJ Art by Michelle

Saturday, March 9th- Whole Foods Market Arbor Trail
from 10a-4p

Vendors Attending:
SXD JewelryArte Para la VidaJamie SpinelloKristen Van Patten, Oil Sage by Adrienne ErrecaWhiskey Boat GoodsVerverWerks, Heal-Thy-Vibe, Austin Acrylic Pour Paintings, Illuminidol, Diablo Day Ranching, Eon/ Gloworm Photography & more!

Sunday, March 10th- The ABGB 
from 12p-6p

Vendors Attending:
Luna Tigre Candles, GRZ 1985, Grace and Charm, J. Bennett Gems, Lea Smith Designs, Quiet Cricket Studio, Little Bees Big Honey, Fabulous Paws, Angie-A-Vintage, Radiant Babe Vintage, VerverWerks, Chris Long Ceramics, Billie Claire Handmade, OneFiveTrading Co., Made for Walkin', Bleach Black Vintage, Botany&Apothecary, Illumindol, Art by Eya

Sunday, March 10th- NXNW Restaurant & Brewery
from 10a-4p

Vendors Attending:
The Little BuffaloWorld Lustre, Debra's Eclectic Beadwork & more!

Saturday, March 16th- Hops & Grain Brewery
from 12p-5p

Vendors Attending:
Daisy Metalworks1937 ApothecaryWorld Lustre, Loominista Designs, Billie Claire Handmade, Humble GoodsFabulous PawsThe Nomadic Artgirl, Bee Delightful, Foxyjewels, Espacio HandmadeBleach Black Vintage, Zen SoapBotany&ApothecaryOil Sage by Adrienne ErrecaOH LITTLE FOXES, Hold Onto Your Plants and Carly WeaverLittle Bees Big Honey, Basil and Wood,  ArcSodiumDesigns, Mercedes Rex

Sunday, March 17th- Radio Coffee and Beer 
from 10a-4p

Vendors Attending:
Daisy MetalworksJamie SpinelloKristen Van Patten1937 ApothecaryLittle Bees Big HoneyFabulous Paws, Lawrence Design, Ginger & Judy, Angie-a-Vintage, Radiant Babe Vintage, McKinleyChris Long Ceramics, Billie Claire Handmade, Weird Ohs, Luna Tigre Candles,  Made for Walkin', VibePickle My Fancy, Clementine Botanicals, Senders Receive: Tarot & Reiki

Sunday, March 17th- The Brewer's Table
from 11a-4p

Vendors Attending:
VerverWerksANNEMARIEby LillianPrachi Bhise Jewelry LLCBotany&Apothecary1937 ApothecaryWorld Lustre, Elisa Wikey & more!

Saturday, March 23rd- Live Oak Brewing
from 12p-5p

Vendors Attending:
Prachi Bhise Jewelry LLCDaisy Metalworks, Clementine Botanicals, Illumindol,  World Lustre1937 ApothecaryWhiskey Boat Goods, The Little Buffalo, and more!

Sunday, March 24th- Fareground Market
from 10a-3p

Vendors Attending:
SXD Jewelry, Adroit by KaminskiDaisy MetalworksJamie SpinelloKristen Van Patten1937 ApothecaryThe Nomadic ArtgirlWhiskey Boat GoodsVerverWerks, ANNEMARIE, Remedy DesignsLittle Bees Big HoneyFabulous Paws, Espacio HandmadeStatus Kuo, Clementine Botanicals, Fed

Saturday, March 30th- The Brewtorium
from 12p-5p

Vendors Attending: 

1937 ApothecaryArte Para la Vida, Trish Sierer Designs, Magic Meadow Skin Care, Brave Ceramics, Angie-A-Vinage, Solid SoapsVerverWerks, by Lillian, Sweet Sparrow Studio, Sunbeam SucculentsLittle Bees Big Honey, Bee Delightful, D is for Donkey Hand Carved Stamps, Spring Lark  Designs, Status KuoIllumindol, Freewheelin' Goods, Dirty Dog Soaps, and more!