Vendor faq

  • Q:  Is my product a good fit for your market?

            A:  While we jury each applicant individually for every show, our basic guidelines are:  Are you local to Texas and is the product handmade or vintage? If you fit within those parameters, then our jury can take your application to the next step.

  • Q:  Are food vendors allowed at your events?

            A:  Each location varies as to if they will allow food vendors.  If there's a particular venue you're interested in, fill out that application and we will get back to you.

  • Q:  Do I need to provide my own tent?

            A:  Yes! For outdoor shows, vendors are responsible for their own tent, tent weights (25 lbs per tent leg), display tables, chairs, merchandising, credit card processing and anything else you may need to run a successful booth.  For indoor events, usually tents are not allowed.  Each application will have information on what type(s) of booths are available.

  • Q:  If I have not vended with the Austin Flea before, do I need to provide pictures of my set up?

            A:  Yes.  All new vendors must provide pictures of their set up, products, tent and weights before their application will move on to be juried.

  • Q:  How much does it cost to participate in a Flea?

             A:  The price ranges for each event and is dependent upon many factors.  Each application page will have the booth cost stated at the top of the page.  Generally booths run between $50-$75/event.

  • Q:  How do I pay for a booth fee?

             A:  Currently, all booth fees are collected thru invoicing on PayPal.  You must have an active PayPal account and provide that email address with you application.​

  • Q:  Do you provide electricity? 

            A:  This varies from venue to venue, but in most cases, yes! For a small fee, we will run electricity to your booth but you still need to provide extension cables for your booth/display.  (If available, the option to choose electricity will be on the application.)

  • Q:  I want to sign up for a show but I'm not sure if it's too late. 

            A:  As long as the event application doesn't say "FULL" on the application page, then you can still apply.  When a venue is filled, we still accept back up applications and will reach out if a space becomes available in your medium.  (We do not send notifications to back up applicants unless a spaces opens.)

  • Q:  I applied to an Austin Flea but haven't heard back on my application.  When will I know if I've been accepted?

            A:  Each application page has the date notifications will be sent out.  Please allow 24 hours within that timeframe to hear on your status as a vendor.  If you haven't participated as a vendor in 2020 and you haven't sent photos of your display, you will not receive notification until we have these.

  • Q:  The weather this weekend doesn't look good for a market.  Can I get a refund?

            A:  We are constantly checking weather forecasts as we lead up to each event.  If the Austin Flea cancels due to weather, you will receive a full booth refund, minus a $5 administration fee.  (These decisions are usually made the morning of the show - a couple of hours before load in is to begin.).   If a vendor cancels his/her participation in an event (for any reason), you will not receive any refund (details on vendor cancellations are below).



Flea Rules:

  1. If you cancel your booth space with less than 2 weeks notice, there will be no refund of your booth fee. If you cancel with more than 4 weeks notice, you will receive a full refund minus a $5 administration fee.  Anytime in between 2-4 weeks cancellation will be 1/2 refund of your fee (minus a $5 administration fee).  We won't always have 4 weeks between application acceptance and the event, but these policies will still remain in place.  

  2. Please remit PayPal invoices within 3 days of being billed.  After 3 days, a follow-up invoice will be sent and without communication in the next 24 hours, booth forfeiture will be a possibility.


Show Rules:

  1. If you leave early, you will not be allowed back as a vendor.

  2. Vendors are responsible to provide their own tables, chairs, change/credit card swipes, extension cords (where applicable) and display.

  3. Vendors may only display the medium for which they applied and were accepted into each show.

  4. Vendors must promote the event on social media.  Those who do not will be subject to cancellation from the show.

  5. Please bring a good attitude with you - it goes a long way!