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  • Q:  What is the Austin Flea?

             A:  The Austin Flea manages and coordinates Austin-area pop up markets that showcase  local artists and vintage collectors.  We set up at various locations around town each weekend to share our wares with the community.  This is the full-time job/money maker for a large percentage of our vendors.


  • Q:  How long has the Austin Flea been around?​

            A:  We started hosting shows in the mid 2000's, but didn't have an official Austin Flea until 2009.  In the early days, we would have a couple of shows  per year.  Now we set up most Saturdays and Sundays around town at local bars, restaurants, breweries, coffeeshops and more  - weather permitting.

  • Q:  Do vendors take credit cards for purchases?

             A:  The majority of our vendors have the capability to accept credit cards at our events.

  • Q:  Do I need to have a PayPal account to shop your online market?

             A:  No!  You can click on the PayPal link at check out and then choose the gray box to pay with Debit or Credit Card.

  • Q:  Is there an entry fee to come to your market?

            A:  All of our markets are free and open to the public. 

  • Q:  Where will the Austin Flea be set up this weekend?

             A:  Check our Home Page to stay up to date on our rotating list of venues.

  • Q:  What vendors will be set up at your events?

            A:  Our vendors vary from weekend to weekend.  A list of who will be at each show can be found on our Home Page.

  • Q:  How many vendors will be set up at your market?

             A:  While this varies dependent upon available space at each venue, most of our venues accommodate around 20 vendors.

  • Q:  Are your events inside or outside?

             A.  The majority of our shows are set up outside, but we have a few locations where our vendors set up both in and outside - dependent on the venue.  Given this, if there is a significant chance of bad weather, we will cancel our event.  Info on market cancellations will be found on our Home Page.

  • Q:  Can I bring my kids?

            A:  All of our events are family-friendly.  Be sure to keep an eye on them and follow venue policy.

  • Q:  Can I bring my dog?

             A:  While this policy is set by each venue, most of our venues are very dog-friendly, but dogs are not allowed inside any establishment that serves food per City of Austin Health Department.  Please keep your dog on a leash at all times.

  • Q:  Is there food/alcohol for purchase at your events?

            A:  Since we partner with the best businesses around town, there's always great food and beverage options!

  • Q:   Who designed your logos?

              A:  Our logos have been around since the beginning - in 2009.  One of the Flea co-founders (Tom Gibson)  came up with both the original Austin Flea Skull as well as the classic cassette tape "Straight Handmade Hits".

  • Q:  Can I buy your awesome merchandise online?

             A:  Yes!  Check out the Shop the Flea page for available colors, sizes and designs!

  • Q:  How do I become a vendor?

             A:  If you're interested in applying to an Austin Flea, check out our Wanna Flea page!

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