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Rose Burkhardt – Rose Burkhardt Jewelry


Tell us who you are and a bit about yourself.

Hi! I am Rose Burkhardt. Almost six years ago four days before my son was born I started a business. Two years later I moved into a different business, a year after that I discovered that making jewelry was my passion & haven’t looked back since.


We know you create awesome handcrafted jewelry, but what else do you like to do?

Before my life became engulfed by jewelry making, I was passionately involved with my sons’ robotics teams. Robotics teaches so many life skills including problem solving, gracious professionalism, team building & starting an operation from scratch. My passion continues to be to encourage people that if they work hard & weather the storms they can work towards any goal they have.

My oldest son’s girlfriend, Laura, does shows for us when we have more than two a weekend.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration for my designs comes from the ocean & a goal of being able to wear any one of my designs without having to worry about whether it will go with what you have on. My goal is to create designs that fit seamlessly in any wardrobe to add that extra sparkle to make you stand out. 


You’re stranded on a desert island - If you could only have one book, movie, and album what would they be?

Book: Halfway to Each Other - a family version of Eat, Pray, Love

Movie: Sabrina, the one with Harrison Ford - the only movie I can watch on repeat over & over & over

Album: Didn’t grow up with music & as a result am not familiar with albums so would have to say a radio station instead which is Air1


Our family! My hubby, Brandon, does 90% of my events for me. My three boys, the oldest who is a mechanical engineer major, middle who is a senior in highschool & our youngest who starts kindergarten in the fall & runs our shows with us.


If you could spend the day with one artist or craftsman (dead or alive) who would it be?

Would love to spend the day with Nina Berenato, a local jeweler who has carved out her life here in Austin


What is your favorite color?

Turquoise, all the turquoise, brings me instantly to the ocean


What’s your favorite smell?

Saltwater air, the smell of the ocean 

What’s your favorite restaurant you’ve eaten at in the last year?   What’s your all-time favorite restaurant or meal?

Favorite restaurant hands down is locally owned North By Northwest. Every single item on their menu is good without question. Lately we have been obsessed with Cosmic Coffee & their taco truck during our many Austin Fleas at that location. All time favorite meal is definitely a good steak & mashed potatoes. 

Logan runs the show almost as well or even better than we do! 

What’s your favorite quote from a movie, book or song?

So many quotes inspire me, not sure if they are from a movie, book or song but two of my favorites recently are:

"You are allowed to both be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time." - Sophia Bush

"One day you will look back on days like this and you will be glad you didn’t give up." - Morgan Harper Nichols


If we peeked inside your studio, what would be the first thing we’d notice?

How much it looks like a Pinterest workspace!! Thanks to a local interior designer friend, Mariel Martinez, I have a super functional & super cute Pinterest-worthy workspace.


Anything else you’d like to share?

Incredibly grateful for Kristin & the entire Austin Flea team & excited for this new online venture during our current normal until we can get back to our regular events that have become a part of our family over the last year. 


Rose Burkhardt Jewelry office & work space

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