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Healing Hemp Face Serum by Chiki

Healing Hemp Face Serum by Chiki


A 1oz. face serum that really works! Boost your glow, help minimize wrinkles and balance your oil production with this amazing anti-aging hemp oil based face serum. Our unique formula contains 125mg of pure hemp infused in organic, cold pressed evening primrose oil.

Tamanu, calendula, rosehip seed oil and other superfoods for your skin provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects. With moringa, pure rose oil and frankincense this serum is great for soothing inflamed skin, evening out skin tones, bringing luster back to the skin and preventing breakouts!


Healing Hemp by Chiki is good for all skin types and does not leave your skin feeling oily. It smells great, too! Try some today!

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