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Pure CBD Oil by Chiki

Pure CBD Oil by Chiki


750mg in 1oz bottle of pure CBD infused in organic MCT oil (from coconut) in an easy to use dropper bottle. This oil is tasteless, odorless and healthy for you with no psychoactive ingredients!

• Unflavored

• Organic

• Contains 750 mg in a 1 ounce bottle

• Non-GMO

• No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers

• Non-psychoactive

• Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

Your best source for organically-grown, high-concentrate CBD oil in natural flavor. It’s safe, affordable, legal, and easy to administer.


A few of the many common benefits of using these supplements daily are: Anti-cancer properties, reduces inflammation, helps with autoimmunity and neurodegenerative diseases, MS symptoms, schizophrenia, seizures, reduces anxiety, pain relief, weight loss, reduces addictions and cravings, heart health and diabetes risk, insomnia and opioid use.

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