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Eau de Chiki Perfume

Eau de Chiki Perfume


A luxurious perfume oil containing many of the quintessential oils used in the art of perfumery. Our high quality pure essential oils are sustainably sourced from pristine locations all over the world. Indulge in our exotic scent blends as they boost your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Experience the sensuous and intoxicating aromas of our 3 unique scent bouquets:


Sacred Woods: Mysore sandalwood, benzoin, oakmoss, bergamot. Emotes strength and power. Woodsy, spicy, citrusy. This perfume is gender fluid! Its earthy, woodsy and spicy scent reminds one of the rich and powerful earth elements. Tapping into these powerful elements emotes a feeling of security and strength.


Mighty Aphrodite: Patchouli, vanilla, rose, zdravets, ambrette seed. Aphrodisiac. Heady, earthy, slightly sweet, floral. All of the essential oils in this perfume are known for their energizing and aphrodisiac effects.

For example: Zdravetz is a flower from Bulgaria that is strewn on the bed of newly weds to promote sexual desire. Ambrette seed is extracted from the seeds of the hibiscus flower. It is the vegan version of musk and is known for its aphrodisiac qualities.


Androgynous: Amyris, patchouli, benzoin, neroli, bergamot, ambrette seed. Balances Yin Yang energy. Earthy, floral, citrusy,slightly sweet. This perfume harmonizes masculine and the feminine. Its bouquet has a mesmerizing quality and encourages a sense of stillness like that of the meditative mind.


Why choose pure essential oil perfume? Regular commercial brand perfumes are laden with synthetic and toxic chemicals that can effect your hormonal balance! The fact remains the FDA has no regulation on what is referred to as “fragrance” in a perfume. In other words there is no telling what is hiding behind that word on the ingredient list.


CASE STUDY: A project called “The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics” by the Breast Cancer Fund has been working since 2004 to educate the public about toxic chemicals in personal care products. Knowing what

they know about the chemicals in the fragrance loophole, they decided to test name brand perfumes to find out what is really behind the fragrance door. They tested 17 different perfumes and came up with 38

chemicals that were not listed on the labels. The most harmful chemicals are the preservatives and additives that are considered endocrine disruptors. They can affect fertility, metabolism, breast cancer, birth

defects, diabetes, obesity and more. Instead, try our all natural perfumes made only with pure essential oils. Eau De Chiki pure perfume oil has 3 ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and a blend of pure

essential oils that create the bouquet of scent that is actually healthy for your body, emotions and hormones. By using pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance, you are getting the added benefit of the uplifting and mood enhancing effects of natures essences.

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