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What do you do for the Flea?

Poster design, art vendor, random behind the scenes stuff…


How long have you worked for the Flea?

Jeez, don’t really know.. 7-8 years or so..


What’s your favorite part of the Flea?

As an artist I spend most of my time alone so I love getting to be out in the wild world of the market making new friends and hanging with the Fleabie family..


How were you drawn into being part of the team?

I have known and worked with Kristin for an eternity and everything she works on is always so much fun to be a part of..


When you’re not Fleaing, what do you like to do?

Most anything having to do with creating, hanging with animals and being in nature. Sometimes all at once. Throw in an adult bevvie and all is right with the world. 

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