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Sheila Garcia Hold Out Brewing.JPG

Photo by  Ricardo Brazziell for Austin American-Statesman


What do you do for the Flea?

When I work for The Flea, I coordinate Flea shows on-site, most recently at Cosmic Coffee and The Brewtorium monthly shows.


How long have you worked for the Flea?

I  started working for the Flea in August 2019.

What’s your favorite part of the Flea?

My favorite thing about working for The Flea is that we get to support creative handmade small business owners, while popping up at fellow small businesses around the Austin area.

How/why you were drawn into being part of the team?

I was drawn to join The Flea team as Kristen is easy to work with, gives great direction and communicates clearly.  All while listening to feedback and staying calm when needing to adjust on the fly (which is daily).  And as mentioned, working with and supporting the artists who live in and around Austin!

When you’re not Fleaing, what do you like to do?

When I'm not Fleaing, I work in the craft beer industry, managing events and social media.  I enjoy reading, riding my bicycle, and petting all the cute pups!

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