Self-Care Affirmation Box

Self-Care Affirmation Box


This lovely, hand collaged box comes with wonderful self-care and self-love items.


Sticky Notes (15 cards)

Suggested Use- Write down your own reminders and affirmations and stick them around your house (bathroom mirror is my favorite spot because I look there every day).


Framed Print

Measures 4x6”

Comes with back stand to put on your desk, counter, nightstand and more!


Affirmation Cards (12 cards)

Printed on card stock for durability

Suggested uses:

Pull one each day and use it to set your daily intention. You can bring them around with you too to remind yourself throughout the day (bag included)


Flower Greeting Card

Measures 5x7” with 3.5x5” print

Blank inside. Envelope Included.

Suggested uses:

Write a love letter to yourself

Write a love letter to someone else- it will brighten your day!


Harmony Stick Art

Features a stone etched with the word “Harmony” on it.

Dried flowers

Garnet stone - will balance you out, and will bring you much serenity and harmony

Suggested Uses:

Place on alter or any surface you see every day so you can be reminded of your desire for a harmonious life.


This box is great for self-care, but can also be given to someone as a lovely gift!