Feather Charm

Feather Charm

Our feather charms are inspired by mythical birds of legend and angelic entities long known as helpers to humanity and harbingers of hope.


Each feather charm is hand-carved and painted vegetable-tanned leather, and measures 6 inches long (including swivel snap hardware closure) and 1¼ inches at its widest point. The reverse side is painted solid gold. Please choose from Angel (white/gold), Phoenix (gold), or Bluebird of Happiness (blue and gold).


Angel Feather - Angels truly need no introduction, as these divine messengers have long been said to appear to offer guidance, protection and hope to those in need. “Have no fear”, is a frequent message they bring. They also remind us of benevolent forces that wish us well. Each charm is carved and painted in a soft white wash that fades to gold. Edges and reverse side are golden. Wishing you protection and guidance!


Phoenix feather - Phoenix, the fabled firebird of classical mythology, is the keeper of fire in all creation. It is an immortal creature that rises from the ashes of death to live again. Symbolic of rebirth, hope and renewal, it brings happiness and good fortune. May it bring you longevity and protection!


Bluebird of Happiness - The Bluebird of Happiness has been recognized as a harbinger of happiness in many cultures, dating back thousands of years. It also represents hope, cheerfulness, and prosperity. The spiritual meaning of blue encompasses wisdom, loyalty, and confidence. Many believe the color blue brings peace and keeps negativity at bay. Wishing you happiness and joy!