Dog Lovers Gift Box

Dog Lovers Gift Box


The perfect gift for the dog lover in your life!


Our Favorite Greens Bandana by Bandana Buds
Cacti and avocados are some of our favorite Texas greens. This bandana is hand printed using a linoleum block printing process.


St Francis Dog Tag by Metalsgirl
This funky bottle cap saint is great for a dog tag or a key's fun to tie on packages or hang from a rear view mirror...there are just a ton of fun things to do with these colorful, glitter-y charms. Each of these bottle caps is filled with colorful resin, some funky glitter, confetti, little flowers, or other odds and ends and then topped off with a saint medal.


Eucalyptus Lavender Dog Shampoo by Southern Woolly
A blend of Water, Castile Soap & Baking Soda with Eucalyptus & Lavender Essential Oils. Shake well before each use. Apply in hands or on pet's back, then work into a good lather. Rinse well. PH Balanced for Dogs.