Butterfly Charm

Butterfly Charm

Butterflies are regarded by many as significant spirit totems, as divine messengers and symbols of transition, rebirth and renewal. Our charm is intended to invoke the divine attributes of butterfly totem and invite its blessings to your life.


Monarch represents spiritual evolution and cosmic connection. Monarch is long-lived, compared to many butterflies, and able to navigate great distances in her legendary migration. Sighting a monarch may be a message that we, too, are following our instincts, travelling in the right direction, and on the path to achieving our goals. The color orange signals health and well-being. Wishing you health and vitality on your life’s journey!


Swallowtail represents happiness, optimism and intellect. One of the most common butterflies, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is a solitary creature, often flying high in the treetops. She inspires us to seek new experiences that enthuse us and bring us happiness and fulfilment. Vibrant yellow, the color of the solar plexus, symbolizes joy and exuberance. Wishing you prosperity and happiness!


Blue Morpho The word “morpho” means change and transformation, and this butterfly symbolizes the passage of time, change and the meaning of life. While encouraging hard work and dedication, she also reminds us to take time to enjoy the nectar of life. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra, and enhances communication and our ability to speak our truths. Sighting a blue morpho may bring you good luck and fulfilment of your desires. May your wishes come true!


Each charm is completely hand-crafted of durable vegetable-tanned leather, and is individually tooled and realistically painted in lifelike coloration.


Monarch measures ~4x4 inches, including swivel hook closure; Swallowtail and Blue Morpho measure ~4¾x 4¾ including closure. The reverse side is painted gold.


Your butterfly charm is ready to adorn your purse or bag, to hang as an ornament anywhere you need a little magic! Choose Monarch, Swallowtail or Blue Morpho butterfly. Price includes tax and shipping.