Artist Affirmation Card Deck- Set of 5 Cards

Artist Affirmation Card Deck- Set of 5 Cards


This Handmade Artist Affirmation Oracle Deck features five prolific artists, quotes by them, and a related affirmation for you!


The artists are:

Frida Kahlo

Pablo Picasso

Gustav Klimt

Antoni Gaudi

Vincent Van Gogh


Each card features a mixed media image, first hand drawn then graphically edited. I print every single card myself! On the back of each card is the artist’s quote, a brief message, and an affirmation for you to carry with you throughout the day.


I print each card on 4x6” card stock paper and laminate them to ensure the deck lasts you a long time!


It is with my most heartfelt intention that this deck brings you much joy and inspires the creative within you.