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Chris Gomez - Kaiju cut & sew


Tell us who you are and a bit about yourself.

I’m the owner of Kaiju Cut and Sew. I’ve been living in Austin for almost 30 years. Previously was a freelance photographer & photographed concerts & music festivals in Austin, Chicago, & New Orleans. Was also an engineer in high tech for 20 years.

We know you create awesome original art pieces, but what else do you like to do? 
In my spare time I enjoy cycling, running (semi retired from running for now) & swimming. Also enjoy travelling to different countries; you know when we used to be able to travel. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from other artists & makers. I draw a lot of inspiration from friends in the graphic design field. Their attention to detail always inspires me to step my game up.

Stranded on a desert island - If you could only have one book, movie, and album what would they be?

Book – The Dragonlance Chronicles. Movie – Goonies. Album – Descendents “Liveage”. 

If you could spend the day with one artist or craftsman (dead or alive) who would it be?
Salvador Dali. My all time favorite artist. 


What’s your favorite city and why?
Obertraun, Austria. Visited it in 2019 during a trip to Europe. It’s a small quaint ski town in the Austrian Alps. The town is just a couple of hours via train from Vienna. The town has a small village vibe & is the most beautiful countryside town I’ve ever seen.


If we peeked inside your studio, what would be the first thing we’d notice?
Fabric. ALL the Japanese fabric, followed by the smell of new leather. 


What are your favorite materials and/or tools?
Japanese fabric and my Japanese tools used for leather working. I have a few tools that are from Japan & the craftsmanship in the tools is incredible. The moment I pick them up I feel like making something.  


What is your favorite color?


What’s your favorite smell?


Who’s your (real or fictionalized) Super Hero and why?
My mother. She’s always shown me the true meaning of working hard & never giving up on things that you are passionate about. I get my drive from her. 

Anything else you’d like to include about yourself or your artistry?
I’m self taught and have been sewing for 5 years & leatherworking for 3. Last year I was able to donate to 15 different local charities from the proceeds of my mask sales. I donated arounf $30,000 to these charities. Kaiju in Japanese means strange creature/monster. It’s what they refer to Godzilla as. 

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