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What do you do for the Flea?
Manage Flea events. Common sightings - Radio Coffee & Beer, Jester King, Still Whiskey, and Partners-In-Craft. 

How long have you worked for the Flea?
Since the summer of 2017 

What are your favorite things about the Flea?
The people. The creativity. Being outdoors. 

Why were you drawn into being part of the Flea?
It added something fun, different, and interesting to my life with a bonus of being able to help out local entrepreneurs.  

Some things you might see me doing at the Flea - People watching. Pet watching. Shopping. Learning about our vendors' products. Eating food truck food.

When you’re not Fleaing, what do you do?
I have a full time job and spend time with family & friends. 

Anything else you'd like to share?
I like watching movies. I like playing cards. I have a BS in Zoology from UT Austin. 

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