Upcoming Austin Flea Dates for 2018

March 16th - the ABGB - House Party (1305 W. Oltofr) 5p-11p
March 18th - Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca) 10a-4p
March 24th - Zilker Brewing Company (1701 E. 6th) 12p-6p
March 25th - Brentwood Social House (1601 W. Koenig Ln) 10a-4p
March 31st - Live Oak Brewing Company (1615 Crozier Ln) 12p-6p
April 1st - Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd.) 12p-5p
April 7th - Celis Brewery (10001 Metric Blvd) 12p-5p
April 7th - Confituras Little Kitchen (2129 Goodrich) 9a-2p
April 8th - the ABGB (1305 W. Oltorf) 12p-6p
April 14th - Whole Foods Market Arbor Trails (4301 W. William Cannon) 10a-4p
April 14th - Austin Beerworks (3001 Industrial Terrace) 12p-6p
April 15th - Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca Rd) 10a-4p
April 21st - Hops & Grain Brewery (507 Calles St.) 12p-6p
April 22nd - Brentwood Social House (1601 W. Koenig Ln) 10a-4p
April 28th - Oskar Blues Brewery (10420 Metric Blvd) 12p-5p
April 29th - Draught House Pub (4112 Medical Pkwy) 12p-5p
April 29th - Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Ln. (5701 W. Slaughter Ln.) 11a-5p
May 5th - Red's Porch Quarry Lake (4200 Braker Ln) 11a-5p
May 6th - Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd) 12p-6p
May 12th - Whole Foods Arbor Trails (4301 W. William Cannon) 10a-4p
May 13th - the ABGB (1305 W. Oltorf) 12p-6p
May 19th - Fall Creek Vineyard (18056 FM 1826) 11a - 5p
May 20th - Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca Rd.) 10a-4p
May 26th - Austin Beerworks (3001 Industrial Terrace) 12p-6p
May 27th - Brentwood Social House (1601 W. Koenig Ln) 10a-4p

December Fleas!

'Tis the Fleason to support handmade, vintage and local.
We're here for you!
Check out this month's awesome line-up:

Saturday, December 2nd at Austin Beerworks (12-6 pm):

Sprayed Expressions, Howell & CO, techlectic, Fabulous Paws, eyelidcanvas, Spring Lark Studio, Debra's Eclectic Beadwork, Modern Alchemy, HRT&HND, InnaDavi, Knox Pots, Penelope & Lou Candles, Astrae Designs, UpCycled Merchantile, Espacio Handmade, Be Bold Jewelry Design, Mozoo Critters, Texas Flea, & The Rustic Rabbet!   

Sunday, December 3rd at Jester King Brewery (12-6 pm):    

Fitterhmohair, Remedy Designs, Billie Claire Handmade, Chiki Buttah, Fabulous Paws
Tree Cycle, Sprayed Expressions, Vibe, Eco Jewelry, Knox Pots, Phosphescents Candle Anthology,  Alcainemetalworx, RYN &co, Penelope & Lou Candles, Lokazu, llc, Alejandra Hill, Pride Socks, ximStudio, BrasscopperartDeep in the Heart Goods, Vintage Ladies Accessories, & roshambo recycled!     

HRT&HNDFitterhmohairSprayed Expressions, Trappist Beer Travels, Nashville Neverland, White Deer Apothecary, Mandibles Handmade, The Foxes Tail & more!   

Jamie Spinello, Nina Jolly Artist, Pure Harmony, Skin Foodie, TOTEM Sacred Jewelry & Smudge Bar, Night in Light, Remedy Design Shop, elisabeth flohr jewelry, Austin OneHeart School, Messy Little Smiles, Kristen Van Patten, Fabulous Paws, Aromaholic, Salty Lemon Apothecary, karenbolton CERAMICSVibe, Sarah Maldonado Art, SxD Jewelry, Healthy Vibration, Elena's Organic Products, The Side Table, Baubles, Bottles N Beads,   
HRC Builds, InnaDavi, Heartwood Cedar, Whiskey Boat Goods, Austin ReWineSupriya Kharod Watercolors,  Path to Ananda Botanicals,   Howell & CO, Modo Mio Vintage,      
Nashville Neverland, RYN &co, Brasscopperart,  & Pride Socks!    

Sunday, December 10th at the ABGB (12-6p):

Fitterhmohair, J. Bennett Gems, Grace and Charm, Sprayed Expressions, Night in Light, Austin OneHeart School, Kristen Van Patten, Fabulous Paws, Hell on Wheels Handcrafted Jewelry,  elisabeth flohr jewelry, Rachel Mae Be Stitching, ReBirth Designs, Sweet Sparrow Studio, Vibe, Debra's Eclectic Beadwork, Siren Noir Cosmetics, Koberle Ceramics TNPOTWORXSRSLY Chocolate, Heartwood Cedar, Chiki Buttah Products, Whiskey Boat Goods, Salud! Bitters, Herland Home, Made for Walkin', Richard Wayne Anderson Studios, Cakes and Kettles, The Factory Press, Espacio Handmade, The Foxes Tail, SOVRIN, Modo Mio Vintage, RYN &co, Brasscopperart, Ginger Hippie, & Nashville Neverland!           

Thursday, December 14th at Craft Pride (6-10p):

Chiki Buttah Products, Prachi Bhase Jewelry, Sprayed Expressions, eyelidcanvas, White Deer Apothecary, Zen Soap, Modern Alchemy, TOTEM Sacred Jewelry + Smudge Bar, LadyAlchemy 13, Austin ReWine, Cracked GlitterPath to Ananda Botanicals & more!       

Saturday, December 16th at Oskar Blues (12-6p):
Including Music Performances by:  Tubalele, HoneyPunch, JD Pendley & Liz Morphis, & Graham Wilkinson!

Flea Bags with goodies to the first 20 folks thru the door!  (one per family)

Artists include:  Howell & Co, by Lillian, Grace and Charm, Fabulous Paws, Aromaholic, Sprayed Expressions, Elizabeth Stettler, Project 77, Debra's Eclectic Beadwork, Lotsa Shimmer, Junebug.SaraLee Studio, Beaucoup Askew, SEWPHIE
Phosphenescents Candle Anthology, Modern Alchemy, Adornments by Mae, Knox Pots, InnaDavi, Geeky Twin, Chiki Buttah Products, Beyond Creative Studios, Sweet Ink Collective, Sam Wish, Skin Foodie, Vintage Accessory Ladies, ThriftFoot, OldNewMiddle, Yasmine Pirouz Illustration, Herland Home, Nashville Neverland, Roshambo, ThreeRoys Custom Creations, Pachew Design & more!      

Sprayed ExpressionsNina Jolly ArtistWhiskey Boat Goods, McKinley Mizar Jewelry, Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry, Essential Qi, KiyoJoy, Merci Handmade Vintage, elisabeth flohr jewelry, Night In Light, Kristen Van Patten, Jamie Spinello, Fabulous Paws, Chaos Card Company, ThatsmyonlyneckVibeWhite Deer Apothecary, Billie Claire Handmade,
Zen Soap, Western Whims, Modo Mio Vintage, karacotta ceramicsKnox Pots and 
Ginger & Judy!         

Uncommon Covers, Chiki Buttah Products, Deep in the Heart Goods, Brasscopperart, 4th Kind CreationsAlcainemetalworx, Katy Zimmerman, JMK Decals & Signs, Be Bold Jewelry DesignWorld Lustre, Buona Sara, Austin OneHeart School, UpCycled Merchantile
Sam Wish, Bohemian Chick Designs, Karen Bolton Ceramics, Remedy Design Shop
Dawn's Soapy Goods, Heather Hill Designs, Vintage Accessory Ladies, Revinylized Record Art & more!