Upcoming Austin Flea Dates for 2018

May 26th - Austin Beerworks (3001 Industrial Terrace) 12p-6p
May 27th - Brentwood Social House (1601 W. Koenig Ln) 10a-4p
June 2nd - Friends & Allies Brewery (979 Springdale Rd) 12p-5p
June 3rd - Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd.) 12p-5p
June 10th - the ABGB (1305 W. Oltorf) 12p-5p
June 16th - Oskar Blues Brewery (10420 Metric Blvd.) 12p-5p
June 17th - Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca Rd.) 10a-4p
July 21st - Oskar Blues Brewery (10420 Metric Blvd) 12p-5p
August 4th - Still Austin Whiskey Co. (440 E. St. Elmo) 12p-5p
August 18th - Oskar Blues Brewery (10420 Metric Blvd) 12p-5p
September 28th - Fiesta Gardens (2010 Jesse E Segovia) 5:30p-9p

Father's Day Weekend Vendors

Saturday, June 17th at Whole Foods Arbor Trails 
(4301 W. William Cannon) 10a-4p
Saturday, June 17th at Hops & Grain 
(507 Calles) 12p-5p
Sunday, June 18th at Radio Coffee & Beer 
(4204 Manchaca) 10a-4p

Fabulous Paws - Saturday at WF and Sunday
James Thomas Candle Co - Saturday at WF and Sunday
Baubles, Bottles N Beads - Saturday at WF
KiyoJoy - Saturday at WF and Sunday
Stitch and Stone - Saturday at WF and Sunday
Whiskey Boat Goods - Saturday at WF and Sunday
Pure Skin Repair - Saturday at WF
NoMore's All Natural Product Line - Saturday at WF
Willigan's Island - Saturday at WF
Penelope & Lou Candles - Saturday at WF
Handmade Hardwoods - Saturday at WF
Auntie Em's Pupcakes - Saturday at WF
Little Lady Electronics - Saturday at WF
The Birds and the Bees Vintage - Saturday at WF
Josh Dossett Pottery - Saturday at WF
Ruthless Reuse - Saturday at WF
Spurtles and Spoons - Saturday at WF
Chaos Card Company - Saturday at WF and Sunday
Dan's Bird Feeders - Saturday at WF
Radio Fonix - Saturday at WF
Garden Charms - Saturday at H&G
Revinylized Record Art - Saturday at H&G
Pake - Saturday at H&G
Zen Soap - Saturday at H&G and Sunday
Flamingo Productions - Saturday at H&G
Modern Alchemy - Saturday at H&G
Sprayed Expressions - Saturday at H&G
Somebody's Father - Saturday at H&G
Steel City Pops - Saturday at H&G
Luke's Framed Gardens - Saturday at H&G
Rebecca Frazier - Saturday at H&G
Arrondi Creative Productions - Saturday at H&G
Carly Weaver - Saturday at H&G
Amanda Winograd Ceramics - Saturday at H&G
Texas Flea - Saturday at H&G
Mantis Massage - Sunday
Rahya Jewelry Design - Sunday
Intuitive Creations - Sunday
Elementals - Sunday
J&N - Sunday
The Coggler's Shoppe - Sunday
eon - Sunday
Kim Kaiser Art - Sunday
Mixed Hues, LLC - Sunday
Sam Wish - Sunday